Wendy’s Porch

Many years ago, Terri and I were the youth leaders at the church we were attending. We had young children then, and surrounding ourselves with awesome teenagers gave us some encouragement in how we wanted to raise ours. It also provided us with a large pool of babysitters, but that was just a bonus.

One of those awesome teens was a girl named Wendy. She had the reddest hair and biggest smile of any kid I’d ever seen, and was just the kindest, friendliest and most fun to be around, and also a fantastic singer. We just loved her.

Time went by, as it tends to do, and we all got older. Wendy got older too, and we’ve stayed in touch all these years.

And now Wendy has joined the blogging world, and we’re happy to welcome her. For her first post, she tells about her habit of entertaining on her front porch. Someday soon, we need to get over there and add #wendysporch to our list of cool things we do.

Check out Wendy’s blog, Bird on the Wire.




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