Take the Cannoli Dip

There were two cannolis in the fridge.

cannoliEvery time I opened the refrigerator, I saw them in the clear plastic takeout package that our tenants brought home two weeks ago. Taunting me. And for two weeks I have craved cannolis.

Also, I may or may not have uttered THE best line from The Godfather a time or two, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

So when a cannoli dip recipe appeared in my Pinterest feed, I made it immediately. After comparing recipes for traditional cannolis and cannoli dip, I chose this recipe from


It was extremely easy to make. I served it with graham crackers and strawberries and everyone agreed it was delicious. Other great serving suggestions I saw included chocolate graham crackers, pizelles, cinnamon sugar pita chips, apple slices, broken waffle cones, animal cookies, shortbread cookies. I will definitely be bringing this to the next event I attend.




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  1. Thank You! for trying my recipe and enjoying it. It’s always nice to know a recipe works for others. Everyone works different in the kitchen, and I’m a cook who learned from my mother, ‘a little of this’ and ‘a little of that’, so I often just use my judgement although I do re-make my recipes with measurements to make it easy for everyone. Again, thanks so much.

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