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Cherry Chocolate Granola

Our local community center gives away food donated by local supermarkets and I picked up a 3 pound bag of oats when I was there recently. The bag was faded, battered, and taped, but I was intrigued by the challenge, so when I got home, I searched for ways to use up 3 pounds of oats before they were truly unusable. I used those oats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a facial product! First, I made Cherry Chocolate Granola.

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Pizza sandwich

Ashley posted this today: “Gifted children grow up to be gifted adults.” Not to toot my own horn, but I was a pretty bright kid, graduated high school early, and just today I made a sandwich with leftover pizza for bread. So yeah. Put it in the toaster oven so the cheese gets all melty. …

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Whatever Happened to Ice Cream?

Ice cream

In my last post, “Budget the Luxuries First,” I finished off by saying that a good rule for a happy home is to own an ice cream maker. I have since come to learn it’s more than a good idea, it’s an absolute necessity, since apparently commercial ice cream no longer exists.

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