Regret-Free Shopping? It’s a Mystery!

capiz_necklaceMy lovely new necklace. I may be traveling back east next month for a business meeting and will be trading my usual work uniform of pajamas (working at home) or jeans and tees (archery range) for something a little more appropriate for east coast corporate. I wanted something bright and cheerful that would add a pop of color paired with a crisp white blouse. Yesterday I found this necklace on clearance at one of my favorite fair trade gift shops.

I’m not really a recreational shopper, except for thrift stores and flea markets. I was performing a mystery shop. The shop required that I make a purchase of at least $10 and I could choose to return the item. The online evaluation form I filled out after the shop required detailed information about my interaction with the very knowledgeable and friendly salesperson, attractiveness of store and whether or not the store employee encouraged me to go online to the company website and fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

Originally priced at $29.00, this beautiful necklace of capiz shell from the Philippines was marked down to $21. In about two weeks I’ll receive payment of $15.00 via PayPal which will bring my total cost of this item down to only $6.00. Last week I did a mystery shop for a grocery company and this weekend I’ll be shopping an expensive and swanky restaurant. I don’t make very much money by doing mystery shops. The grocery shop paid only $10 plus a reimbursement of $12, but I like knocking $22 off my grocery bill! The swanky restaurant shop pays $10, but I get to bring someone with me and the reimbursement is $130. I would never in a million years spend $130 on dinner for two, but mystery shopping allows me the opportunity to have a fabulous free dinner in a beautiful restaurant and  epitomizes our blue collar, black tie lifestyle.




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  1. Can you hook me up! I want to secret shop too!

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