How Good is Two Buck Chuck?

Two_buck_chuck_displayWe’re no wine experts; we like wine, but don’t know a lot about it or how to tell good from bad other than by deciding whether or not we like it. The sniffing part doesn’t work for me, because I have almost no sense of smell. We used to buy Trader Joe’s famous “two buck Chuck” (AKA Charles Shaw), just because it was cheap, but lately we’ve switched to Yellow Tail, a brand from Australia that costs a couple dollars more but is of better quality. We’re also experimenting with a few other vineyards as they catch our eye, finding that balance between a decent wine and a decent price. Most often, I choose on the basis of the label art. One of these days, we’ll get around to trying Stephen Amell’s Nocking Point Wines (Amell stars on TV’s Arrow, hence the name of the vineyard; the nocking point is where one places the arrow on the bowstring. All the proceeds from Nocking Point go to fight cancer.)

Today I ran across an interesting and fun article; some guy convinced a sommelier to taste-test eight varieties of TJ’s wine and rate them. Enjoy.

We Made a Sommelier Taste All the Two-Buck Chuck

Now we know. And as GI Joe said, knowing is half the battle.




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    • Judith Shaw on March 28, 2014 at 8:31 am

    Or in this case, knowing is half the bottle!

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