Gorilla My Dreams

Photo by sangudo Used under a Creative Commons license.

Photo by sangudo
Used under a Creative Commons license.

The day after Halloween is the perfect time to stock up on supplies for next year. All the decorations, costumes and accessories go on clearance! Go get yourself some new bats and rats and skeletons marked down and put them in an appropriately labeled box so you can find them next year. As you are filling your basket with napkins, tablecloths, plates, plastic skulls and rubber spiders, you find it: a Gorilla Suit. And it’s 50% off!

Purchasing a gorilla suit is a commitment. Once you’ve spent the money, you have to wear it again. To help you make the decision as you stand there agonizing in the store about whether or not you should buy it (hint: you should), here are a few ideas for next year and beyond.

Carry a Barbie doll and go as King Kong

Attach a second gorilla mask to your right shoulder and go as the two-headed ape from The Thing With Two Heads.

Replace the gorilla mask with a diving helmet and go as Ro-Man from the classic Robot Monster.

Photo by lemonjenny Used under a Creative Commons license.

Photo by lemonjenny
Used under a Creative Commons license.

Recruit a friend to help with these:
George of the Jungle and Ursula

Get a friend to dress up as Tarzan

Convince a friend to dress up as an explorer

Gorilla with banana (inflatable banana or friend in banana costume)

Planet of the Apes
You could go to the trouble of creating the green wool-and-leather costumes from the 1968 classic, but an easier approach is to look toward the third film, Escape From the Planet of the Apes, where the chimps dress in ’70s clothes.

Gorilla in lab coat
Sure, why not? I can’t think of a movie where a gorilla wore a lab coat, but one could if it wanted to.

Gorilla in a suit
Go as Spanky, the gorilla-mobster from The Middleman.

Gorilla in a tutu
Recreate the “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes” number from Cabaret.

Turn that gorilla suit into cash.
Advertise your services and wear your suit to deliver flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day.

And don’t forget National Gorilla Suit Day!




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