Chocolate Mint Protein Bars

ashleymacq_mint_chocolate_protein_textSo, I have another great recipe for you which comes from Portland-based blogger and awesome daughter, Ashley MacQuarrie. When my children were small, they frequently were told that “chocolate is not a breakfast food” in response to their requests for chocolatey cereals from the grocery store. I’m so glad Ashley found a way to make chocolate a reasonable choice for breakfast, or any meal, and this series would be incomplete without it.

Chocolate Mint Protein Bars

The reason this post needs to be included is because it’s not just a healthy oatmeal recipe, it’s also a tool to manage depression.

More specifically, it is an important tool for me to use to manage my depression.

Recently during an especially difficult time when I couldn’t even manage small decisions, like what to eat, I was advised to purchase high-protein pre-mixed shakes and bars, so at least I didn’t have to make THAT decision and I would have something moderately healthy so I could keep up the fight to “act normal” and get my work done in spite of what was going on in my head. We all know we feel better when we eat healthy foods. Due to chemical changes in the brain, simple decisions become agonizingly difficult. Depression is like that.

I changed prescriptions and I discovered a helpful and practical book on Amazon which I downloaded to my Kindle. It’s one of the tools I regularly use now: Get it done When You’re Depressed by Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston.

Keeping healthy protein energy bites on hand is one small thing I can do to work through my depression and not let depression rob me of the ability to get things done.







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