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Way back in the mid-1980s, we took a trip back to the east coast for a wedding. We were put up for the weekend by some of the bride’s relations. The next day we flew to Santa Barbara for the reception (it was a bi-coastal wedding; he was from California, she from New Jersey), at which many of the attendees were similarly put up in the local homes of friends and relatives of the groom. At the reception, a few of us came up with what we thought was a clever idea; a travel club where people would host visitors, and could then be hosted when they want to go somewhere. We called it “Friend of a Friend,” and membership was to be by invitation only, every member would be friends with at least one other person in the club and would sponsor that person’s admission and vouch for them.

It was a great idea, but about 15 years too early; without the internet to facilitate it, there was no practical way to administer the thing, and we didn’t see it as a revenue-generator, so the idea went back into the idea drawer to be eventually forgotten. Now, some 25 years later, a few people have established somewhat similar operations, the best-known of which is Couch Surfing. Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea, now that we have a guest room…

Here’s a list I found online of ways to travel for free or very little. Most of them don’t work with kids in tow, but for the single person or couple with a taste for adventure and a willingness to play it by ear and work a bit, traveling doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

18 ways to travel for free or next to nothing.

Have a nice trip!

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