The Big Wedding

Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro in "The Big Wedding."

Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro in “The Big Wedding.”

A sure sign that our little blog is starting to gain some traction: in collaboration with Lionsgate Pictures, we are doing a series of articles on DIY weddings, to tie in with promotion of their new film, The Big Wedding. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and the movie looks really good.

Before we began this blog, we discussed at length what kind of endorsements, advertising, promotions and other media relations we would entertain. We didn’t want to be one of those blogs that’s a nonstop stream of shilling for corporate America, constantly selling stuff in order to cash in and get free goodies for ourselves. You’ll notice that there are no ads on our site; eventually there may be, but they will be as unobtrusive as possible. If we promote a product or service here, it will be because we like it and think it’s a good fit with our personal tastes.

Take The Big Wedding for example; the proposal that came to us was exactly in our ballpark. Terri and I were married in a completely do-it-yourself wedding; we did practically everything ourselves with the invaluable assistance of a few close friends who helped with everything. In recent years, our friends’ kids and our kids’ friends have begun getting married, and we and our children have been spectators or participants in a number of weddings with a DIY component. Since the philosophy of Blue Collar, Black Tie is enjoying nice things without going broke, the campaign is ideal for us.

Over the next few weeks (the film opens April 26), we and some of our friends will share stories, plans, tips & tricks and resources for throwing a great wedding on a budget through creativity and cleverness. In the meantime, let me tell you about this movie we’re shamelessly promoting.

Here’s the trailer:

The Big Wedding stars Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton as divorced parents; their daughter, played by Katherine Heigl, is estranged from the family. Their adopted son, played by Ben Barnes (Narnia: Prince Caspian), is now engaged. Amanda Seyfried plays his bride. The problem is that all this time, mom has been sending letters to the birth mother in Colombia, assuring her that the son she reluctantly gave up is living happily in a solid and loving, devoutly Catholic family. When she gets the news that her son is getting married, she announces that she is coming to the wedding. Rather than reveal the truth, the family decides to come together and pretend to be one big happy family for the duration of her visit. This necessitates getting dad’s new wife (Susan Sarandon) out of the way, a plan she’s not exactly happy about. Rounding out the cast is Topher Grace as the couple’s other son and Robin Williams as the priest roped into the proceedings. The whole thing is based on a French film, Mon frère se marie.

In addition to our posts about weddings and plans, we’ll also have photos and clips from the film and maybe even some giveaways, if all goes well. Check back soon.




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