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DIY Monday: From Headboard to Bench

Here’s another easy DIY project courtesy of our Pinterest page. Kristi at Addicted2Decorating converted a headboard and footboard she found at an estate sale into a fancy bench. You could put it in your entry (or if you’re living where such a thing is a necessity, your mudroom), or, with proper sealing, use it as …

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DIY Monday: Ikea!

Instead of just one DIY project this week, we’re giving you a whole category of them. As it turns out, the clean Swedish design sense, when combined with the assemble-it-yourself nature of Ikea’s products, turns the whole store into something not far removed from Lego for grown-ups. If you’re willing to crumple up the icon-laden …

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DIY Monday: From Phone Stand to Side Table

It’s time to start a few regular features here at Blue Collar, Black Tie, and the first theme is the venerable Do-It-Yourself project. Every Monday we’ll post a link to a project you can do at home for very little money and a reasonable amount of time. For our first project, we’ll rely on good …

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