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Christmas Tree Skirt

For several years I have wanted a new tree skirt for the Christmas tree. The previous one was sewn from fabrics that no longer suited my style or my home. Marked down for clearance a week before Christmas, I found a 60″ round tablecloth at Target that had the right shades of red and green …

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Recycle an Old Costume

What else do you have tucked away in your closet from past Halloweens? Have you been involved in theater productions, LARPing, SCA, theme weddings, science fiction/fantasy conventions or Renaissance Faires? You may have the raw material for a new costume. Renaissance Faire Costume Unless you were a noble, the style of clothing changed very little …

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DIY Tuesday: ‘Star Trek’ communicator

As everybody who ever met me can tell you, I’m a geek, a nerd, a complete chump for any and all pop culture detritus that strikes my whimsy, especially anything from prior to the early ’80s. One thing I’ve always wanted and could never have was a cell phone that was also a replica of …

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DIY Monday: From Headboard to Bench

Here’s another easy DIY project courtesy of our Pinterest page. Kristi at Addicted2Decorating converted a headboard and footboard she found at an estate sale into a fancy bench. You could put it in your entry (or if you’re living where such a thing is a necessity, your mudroom), or, with proper sealing, use it as …

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DIY Monday: Penny Bar (Updated!)

This week’s project comes from an endlessly creative young lady of my acquaintance by the name of Liana Bandžiulytė (I have no idea how to pronounce that last name; it’s Lithuanian, but to me she’s just “Liana” or “Agent Cupcake,” but I’ll get to that.) The project featured here is a custom bar surfaced in pennies. …

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DIY Monday: Ikea!

Instead of just one DIY project this week, we’re giving you a whole category of them. As it turns out, the clean Swedish design sense, when combined with the assemble-it-yourself nature of Ikea’s products, turns the whole store into something not far removed from Lego for grown-ups. If you’re willing to crumple up the icon-laden …

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DIY Monday: Recondition Cast Iron Cookware

One of the best, most useful items you can have in your kitchen is a good cast iron skillet. Nothing cooks like cast iron, and as we learned in Disney’s Tangled, it also makes a pretty good weapon. Cast iron cookware also happens to be one of those items people tend to pass by at …

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DIY Monday: The Ultimate DIY! R2D2

This week is Comic-Con, or as we call it, Nerd Prom. It’s the place where everyone who likes anything remotely geeky has to go at least once, sort of the Mecca for fans of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, costuming, toy collecting, Star Wars, and pretty much anything else that would have gotten you stuffed into …

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Monday DIY: Spiff up a Rental via Inexpensive Lighting Improvement

For today’s DIY, daughter Ashley offers her method for making an apartment into a home by getting rid of the typical apartment lighting fixtures. One of the realities of owning a rental property is it costs money to make them nice, and most landlords don’t want to spend a lot more than they have to. …

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DIY Monday: Steampunk Goggles

We’re at the end of June, and that means one thing: comic book convention season is underway. Whether you’re planning to go to a smaller one- or two-day event like Comikaze or the Iditarod of Nerditry, San Diego Comic-Con, you want to dress for it. You don’t need to go for a full-on superhero costume, …

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