Ron Howard and Distinguished Speaker Events

RonHowardPasadena2014Recently I was fortunate to receive an invitation to attend the Distinguished Speakers Series to hear Actor/Director Ron Howard speak. It was great.

He told lots of stories of growing up on camera, working with Andy Griffith, starring in Happy Days, making Cocoon and working with great old school Hollywood actors. He even took a selfie on stage. Ron Howard lived an extremely unusual life which he readily acknowledges. Not every 14 year old kid making movies in 8mm gets to show their work to Henry Fonda. I enjoyed it immensely. Several years ago I was invited by a friend who had an extra ticket to hear the amazing Dr. Maya Angelou speak and read her poetry. Another evening I’ll never forget.

If you work for a company that sponsors these kinds of events and shares free tickets with their employees – GO! If your friend has a free ticket and invites you – definitely go.  These are wonderful opportunities. Participants in the series held in Pasadena over the last 17 years include Tony Blair, Chelsey Sullenberger, Betty White, Steve Wozniak, Bill Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Sally Ride, Robert Redford, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jane Goodall, Walter Cronkhite, Margaret Thatcher, Erin Brockovitch, Lech Walesa, Carl Reiner, His Holiness the Daliai Lama, Elie Weisel. Writers, world leaders, generals, actors, doctors and more, sharing stories and sometimes wisdom.

If you are fortunate enough to receive free tickets from your employer, please take the time to say thank you. Let them know how much you enjoyed the event and appreciated the opportunity.





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