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My hands take a beating. As an archer and archery coach, I’m on the range 10-20 hours every week. With my husband, I help run our Youth instruction program. When I’m not shooting or coaching, I am repairing arrows. I also work in our garden, and always have a project around the house in progress.

I don’t generally give my hands much thought. Too often I find myself noticing the sorry state of my hands and nails as I am running out the door.  The calendar reminds me that from now until the end of the year, on top of my full-time job and archery, I’ll be even busier with: parties, dinners, media events, business trips, conferences, a wedding and the holidays. I need to pay more attention to my hands.

The number of times I have had a professional manicure-pedicure can be counted on both hands, but I splurged last week, to celebrate the end of summer and welcome the new school year for my daughter, Kate. Using Yelp, Kate found a small and very unassuming shop in our city with great reviews and low prices. The results were disappointing and it is unlikely we’ll return, so to keep our hands looking and feeling good, Kate headed to Pinterest and found this fantastic recipe for a sugar scrub that we have been using to smooth our rough hands and feet.

This scrub smells great and does the job and you probably already have the ingredients on hand. Got a busy social schedule this fall? Little things do add up. Using a scrub on your hands and feet a couple times a week is one small way to treat yourself to a spa luxury without breaking the bank and helping you to be ready for all the fun events coming your way!






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