‘Mad Men’ Style

A study in contrasts on Mad Men, not to mention a lot of thematic symbolism.

A study in contrasts, not to mention a lot of thematic symbolism.

Aside from being brilliantly written and acted, AMC’s Mad Men is acclaimed for its incredible production design; the sets and costumes are meticulously accurate to the period, but more importantly, they serve to reveal character elements, establish themes and foreshadow developments in the plot.

Nobody does a better job of spotting and articulating these points than Tom and Lorenzo. If you’re not reading their blog posts, you’re missing half the show. Seriously, they notice details and references that went right by me, and I like to think I’m fairly observant about details.

Tom and Lorenzo also cover a whole lot of other swaths of pop culture, fashion and the intersection of the two; they started off as a running commentary on Project Runway before branching out into other programs and topics. Their site is always entertaining and informative, and we highly recommend it.




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    • Ashley on April 25, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Oh my goodness I would never have noticed this stuff. Amazing. Adds a whole new layer to the show.

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