Enterprise Car Rental and the Chevy Traverse

We recently rented a car. Our primary car only seats five people, and we were a group of six heading up to a wedding 75 miles away in the mountains. Taking two cars would mean paying for gas for two cars, plus, we had serious doubts that our second car would make the trip safely and return home intact. I agonized about spending the money and tried to find less expensive alternatives, but ultimately, it made the most sense to rent a car that seats six people at the Enterprise Car Rental down the street from our home.

I’m used to owning cars that are at least 10-15 years old, and went in to Enterprise expecting to rent a van-type vehicle, something boxy and functional like the vehicles soccer moms schlep their kids around in. As it happened, I came out with a Chevy Traverse which feels incredibly spacious and roomy. I was really pleased that this comfortable vehicle had plenty of room for our luggage, no one felt crowded (it actually seats eight, though the third row has minimal leg-room; spreading six people over the eight seats works pretty well), and best of all, it handled like a small car. I despise mountain driving and was pleased that the car was so easy to drive.

Most of us have heard the statistics that people are more likely to tell others about their negative experiences than they are about the positive ones. I believe whenever possible, we should spread the word about the positive, so that’s the purpose of this short post. The folks at Enterprise were friendly and attentive. They took the time to make sure I was familiar with the car’s features, then called later to see if the car met my expectations. Even though it was a tough decision to make, but both the car and the service we received were totally worth the money and peace of mind.




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  1. I’ve always had good experiences with Enterprise. I like the attention they give to the customer’s requests.

  2. I agree – I try to get the word out when good things happen too. It’s a nice change!

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