Banana Republic in the ’80s

Terri and I have another site outside of Blue Collar, Black Tie; it’s our professional site for our freelance graphic design and marketing business, Lancer Creative Services. I post articles there semi-occasionally, as the mood takes me, talking about various aspects of design and marketing.

The most recent such post is a short item about one of our favorite things that doesn’t exist anymore, at least not in the same way that it was. Prior to its acquisition by The Gap, Inc., Banana Republic was a wonderfully odd and anti-fashion outlet owned and run by honest-to-god artists, and their catalog was fantastic. It was so cool that 30 years later, we still have a half-dozen of them here at the MacQ house. Check out my little post over at Lancer Creative Services (“Lancer” as in “freelancer, but not free”).




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    • Russell on June 11, 2013 at 5:01 am
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    I loved the old Republic of the Banana!
    I remember shopping there every visit to the mall. Does anyone remember the army jeep stuck through the front window of the store? The store in redondo Beach had it. However (and I should be ashamed! ) I was too chicken to BUY anything. It was all too ‘safari’ for my 1980’s taste. However I DID buy my favorite BR HAT. I still wear that hat some 20+ years later. Jim/Terri, Catch me at the range and I”l show it to ya!

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