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Greg Hatcher is a writer and schoolteacher from Burien, Washington. He has been published in various places since 1992 and is a three-time winner of the Higher Goals Award for Children’s Writing. Currently he writes a weekly column on comics and pop culture for Comic Book, as one of the rotating features on the Comics Should Be Good! blog. Pulp and adventure fiction remains his first love, though, and writing stories for Airship 27’s various "new pulp" anthologies is one of his favorite gigs. In addition to writing, he also teaches the Cartooning and Young Authors classes as part of an after-school arts program for grades 7 through 12. He lives in an apartment just south of downtown with his wife Julie, their cat Maggie, and ten thousand books and comics

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Backroads Bookscouting

I should make it clear from the beginning that the way we do this isn’t the way real bookscouts do it.
The real ones—the ones who do it for a living—play hardball. For them it’s business. They have a set route of places they go to check for books, they’ve got client lists and handheld barcode scanners and a budget. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Professional bookscouts still love books—no one goes into the book business that doesn’t love books, the margins are too low. But it’s a business for the working bookscouts, they have bills to pay. For me and my wife, it’s just a hobby.

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