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As the oldest of Jim and Terri's three kids, I grew up with the Blue Collar, Black Tie philosophy (even if we didn't call it that yet). Attending the symphony and the theater, enjoying art galleries, and indulging in great food were all a normal part of my childhood. It's no wonder then that I truly love the finer things in life, and have a healthy appreciation for enjoying them on a budget. I work in social media marketing and currently live in Portland, OR, way too far away from my awesome family. You can follow my seldom-updated blog at

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5 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Plan Your DIY Wedding

Hi there, I’m Ashley, Jim & Terri’s oldest kid. While I’m not currently planning a wedding, DIY or otherwise, they’ve asked me to contribute a post anyway, on a topic much nearer and dearer to my heart: Pinterest.  If you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site, and one of the fastest growing social …

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