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No Discount Sushi!

Flat tire

We had to get some car repair done this weekend. A tire blew out, and it turned out to be because the alignment was off. Normally we take our cars to Toshi at JAS in Monrovia (they are very good, extremely honest and charge reasonable rates), but that didn’t work out for us because our Saturday was taken up with archery classes and the shop is not open on Sundays. I suggested getting a tire from one of the hole-in-the-wall places in the sketchy area of town where they sell used tires and “factory seconds” for cheap. My bride responded “isn’t that discount sushi?”

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Whatever Happened to Ice Cream?

Ice cream

In my last post, “Budget the Luxuries First,” I finished off by saying that a good rule for a happy home is to own an ice cream maker. I have since come to learn it’s more than a good idea, it’s an absolute necessity, since apparently commercial ice cream no longer exists.

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“Budget the Luxuries First!”

Chelsea and Sean's wedding

We attended a wedding recently, and one of the things that always happens at wedding receptions is the inevitable offering of advice to the newlyweds; whether it’s in the form of a toast by the Best Man, or somebody running around with a video camera at the reception asking people to say a few words, or the goofy uncle who wanders over to the couple and puts in his two cents, it’s going to happen.

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A Halloween Giveaway!

As you are no doubt aware, I do a lot of press events with the good people at Disney, reviewing their movies, interviewing their performers, visiting their studios and so on. As part of these press events, there’s usually a “swag bag” of some sort, full of merchandise related to the particular film or TV show being promoted. A lot of it I keep, some gets given away to friends or family, and some of it sits here waiting for me to find a home for it.

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David Byrne & St. Vincent at the Greek

Greek Theatre

The other day, my bride and co-conspirator at this site informed me that she had won concert tickets; we were to see David Byrne and St. Vincent at the Greek Theatre (the venue where Neil Diamond’s “Hot August Night” and Harry Chapin’s “Greatest Stories Live” albums were recorded) on Saturday night, thanks to local radio station The Sound LA (100.3 on your FM dial).

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“Frankenweenie” White Carpet Premiere

Lil Rae Cakes

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was invited by Disney to attend a series of screenings and behind-the-scenes previews of a number of upcoming films, At the top of the list was the red carpet premiere of Tim Burton’s new film, Frankenweenie. I have posted my review and will be posting an interview with the young voice actors from the film over at GeekDad soon, but right now I’ll tell you about the premiere and star-studded after-party.

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Loews Hollywood Hotel

Loews Hollywood Hotel

This week, I was invited to take part in a press event with Disney Animation that included a three-night stay at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. I’ll give the details about the movies and backstage Disney tour in other posts, but for now, let’s focus on the hotel, shall we?

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Cutting the Cable

Vintage TV

As we’ve previously mentioned, one of the best ways to afford the finer things in life is to stop spending so much on the ordinary things. One of those monthly bills that always seems to be creeping upward is the TV; whether it’s cable or satellite, it seems the bill goes up a little every month, and before you know it, that $18 package has crept up to $74, and that’s without any premium channels or movie packages.

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Art Galleries, Museums and Studios

Gallery Nucleus

Interesting things to do are all around you. Many of them are free. If you love art, but can’t afford the price of admission to the Huntington Library in Pasadena ($20/Weekdays and $23/Weekends) or Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York ($25) take advantage of Art Walks and Free Museum Days.

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“I Can’t Afford That!”


One of the things we hear from friends, when we talk about concerts or museums or plays, is questions about how we can afford to do these things. It’s not that difficult. There are a lot of ways to see and do things that don’t cost a lot but are fun and interesting.

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