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Art galleries are free. They want to sell you the paintings, or at least prints, so they welcome you. If you look around (especially if you live near a metropolitan area) there’s probably an exhibit opening practically every week; one of our favorites is Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra; they have events all the time, usually involving artists and designers from the film and animation industry, or exhibits built around a current film or other theme. Go on by, meet the artists, look at some paintings, maybe buy a print or coffee mug or something, and have a fun, inexpensive night out. If you get there early, there’s often wine or other beverages and hors d’ouerves.

The Burghers of Calais (1889, 10/12) by August Rodin, at the Norton Simon.
Photo by Naomi Ibuki
Used under a Creative Commons license.

Many museums have a “free day” during the week, often Tuesday, where they encourage school groups and individuals to see their exhibits for free. We’ve visited the Norton Simon Museum, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, The California Science Center, and many others, for just the cost of parking. Speaking of which both the Getty Center and the Getty Villa are free except for parking. The parking price is a little steep, $15, but if you carpool with another couple, that comes out to $3.50 a head; cheaper than a movie.

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